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May 15 2020



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April 27 2020


Secret Millennial website for jobs

JobsOnSocial.com uses unique tools to bring your job search into the modern age .


The website is becoming popular with american millennials because it’s a lot more than just some text & stock photos.


It’s packed with features & high quality tools that other job websites have never even dreamed existed .


The homepage of the site utilizes a job feed that displays jobs found on FB , Twitter, instagram & Linkedin , need a job in addition JobsOnSocial.com has a powerful A.I. to give users a laser like focus to search the vastness of the internet to find the perfect job... a Job Intelligence console , a tool which is like something out of the C.I.A playbook , that uses satellite data streams to Geolocate nearby jobs & more .


It’s not your parents Job website

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February 08 2020


How To Get 1,000 Free YouTube Views in 2020?

These are the best websites to get 1,000 free youtube views in 2020. Take on their Free Trial offer and get real views on your YouTube video 100% free.

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Best Websites To Buy YouTube Views in 2020!

These are the 22 Best Websites to buy youtube views 2020 in 2020! Learn more about buying YouTube views and how this paid YouTube promotion technique works!

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November 18 2019



Don Karl Juravin (JURAVIN RESEARCH) conducted a world’s thorough study of the drug deaths comparing 230 countries . Deaths From Drugs rate per 1,000,000 aged 15-64 | lower is better | 2018 report Comparing USA Vs. Europe’s top countries (Germany, France, Italy) Vs. Israel WINNER: Israel Latest statistics drugs
  • Israel’s deaths from drugs are 4.28 times better than the world average
  • Israel’s deaths from drugs are 20.66 times better than the USA
  • Israel’s deaths from drugs are 1.01 times better than Euro-top
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November 16 2019



Humans are addicted to sugar. They crave it everyday. Sugar activates a rewarding spot in our brain. The brain uses 25% of the body’s daily energy, more than any other organ and glucose is its source of fuel.
Don Juravin concluded that the FDA is not looking out for the health of Americans. They are deceiving the public by allowing companies to publish the ingredient sugar under different names Don Karl Juravin news
The FDA does not explain the danger of sugar clearly enough to the public. Juravin exposed the food manufacturers tricks: 50% of our daily sugar consumption is from ingredients that are not clearly marked as having sugar.
Why There Are 56 Names For Sugar? Sugar deceitful names
Juravin research  found out that Food manufacturers are getting us addicted to sugar by using different sugar names to confuse us on the food label. 75% of all foods hide sugar under deceitful names. Why?
To trick us when we read the food label:

The ingredients on a food label must be listed according to their weight. The food manufacturer wants to avoid listing a sugary ingredient at the top 3 of 5. Therefore they will break it into many sugary ingredients to still maintain the high sugar content and list them at the end.
Instead of adding pure sugar, Food manufacturers add few of the 56 sugar like ingredients. That achieves their deceiving goal: not having to list “added sugar” in the “carbohydrates” section. The result: we’re tricked into believing that the rest of the ingredients are natural.
All of these names are SUGAR in disguise – 56 of them:
Barley malt
Barbados sugar
Beet sugar
Brown sugar
Buttered syrup
Cane juice
Cane sugar
Corn syrup
Corn syrup solids
Confectioner’s sugar
Carob syrup
Castor sugar
Date sugar
Dehydrated cane juice
Demerara sugar
Diastatic malt
Ethyl maltol
Free flowing brown sugars
Fruit juice
Fruit juice concentrate
Glucose solids
Golden sugar
Golden syrup
Granulated sugar
Grape sugar
High fructose corn syrup
Icing sugar
Invert sugar
Malt syrup
Maple syrup
Powdered sugar
Raw sugar
Refiner’s syrup
Rice syrup
Turbinado sugar
Yellow sugar

October 21 2019


September 09 2019


Choose Professional Website Designer

Choosing and finalizing a website designer is a very confusing and hectic work. So before selecting a website designer you should follow the root factor which helps you.
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Web Design in London

Web Design in London
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May 12 2019


mecidiyeköy ingilizce kursu

We are language school in Istanbul
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bakırköy ingilizce kursu

We are language school in Istanbul
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September 28 2018


InventHelp Clients Appear with George Foreman in New Commercial

InventHelp is pleased to announce they have released a new commercial featuring six clients and company partner George Foreman. This is the first commercial of its kind for the leading inventor services company.

The inventors flew from all over the country to the commercial shoot in Los Angeles, CA, where they met George Foreman and told him about their experience with InventHelp. The new commercial highlights the clients' testimonials, InventHelp's services and benefits, and their points of pride, including 35 years of experience in the invention industry.

"It was very inspiring to hear the stories of these everyday inventors," said George Foreman. "They really believe in their ideas and I'm proud that InventHelp has been able to assist them. I'll always remember meeting with them and hearing their stories."

Each inventor had a unique invention and story to tell.

Brian of Exeter, CA is the inventor of the FanBlade Cleaner, a product that helps homeowners clean their ceiling fans by slipping it on and off the blades, catching the dust. Brian has inventory of his product and it was added to the mail order catalog company Starcrest Products of California and is also available for sale on Amazon.
Ann Marie, from Long Island, NY, is the inventor of Sink Out of Sight. It is a screen that slides over your kitchen sink to hide dirty dishes. Ann Marie used InventHelp's patent referral services and received a patent for her invention.
Greg of Campbell, CA is the inventor of Square It Up Baseball. His invention helps baseball players find the "sweet spot" on a baseball bat. Greg used InventHelp's patent referral services and received a patent for his invention.
Tim, from Cornelius, NC, is the inventor of Nite Hoops, a glow-in-the-dark basketball net that allows players to shoot hoops even at night. Tim used InventHelp's patent referral services and received a patent for his invention. Tim has inventory of his product and it is available on Amazon.
Sam of Maynard, TX is the inventor of Cord Unite. His invention allows two extension cords to be connected and protected from water or impact, especially on a worksite. Sam used InventHelp's patent referral services and received a patent for his invention. InventHelp also created a prototype for him.
Cheryl, from Irvine, CA, is the inventor of Arrange It Once. Cheryl is an interior designer and her invention is a series of actual-size templates that helps homeowners to determine how to place heavy furniture without moving it multiple times.
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Making a Success of Your Invention with InventHelp

Our move into the digital age has been made possible partly because of these inventions and the thought of a world without the technology we have become so reliant on doesn’t bear thinking about. But imagine if those people who invented the tech of today had simply shrugged off their invention or creation as a bad idea and not bothered to pursue it.

If you have an idea or invention, the worst thing you can do is pass it off as a bad idea without delving into it further. Of course, you may simply be nervous because you have no idea what to do or where to go with your idea, but that problem is easily solved by speaking to the experts at InventHelp. With the assistance of these professionals, you can get your idea or invention of the ground with far greater ease and you can look forward to seeing it become a huge success.
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Let InventHelp Turn Your Invention into a Commercial Success

If you do have an idea or invention, it is important to give it plenty of consideration before you write it off, as it could just be the next big thing. If you do not have any experience and have no idea what to do next, you don’t have to worry. There are experts such as those at InventHelp than can help to turn your ideal into a product that enjoys enormous commercial success. Of course, it is important to patent an invention before someone else claims that the idea was theirs or tries to copy you, as otherwise, you could find yourself the victim of intellectual property theft. However, this is something that industry experts will be able to assist you with along with a range of other important things.
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September 26 2018


Turning your invention idea into reality with InventHelp

If you fail to take action when you have that light bulb moment, you could be missing out on a better life as well as robbing the world of something that could make a big positive difference. This is why you should never push brilliant ideas onto the back burner. If you think you have a fabulous idea, you probably do have a fabulous idea. All you need to do is have the confidence to follow your heart and seek help from experts such as those at InventHelp.
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InventHelp, Protecting Ideas and Inventions!

InventHelp provides assistance to inventors with great ideas to bring their invention to market! In addition to helping with the process, they also protect your intellectual property.
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InventHelp – The Place to Go with Your Great Idea

Many people know what it is like to have a great idea but then simply forget about it and do nothing. It is only when someone else comes up with that same idea in the future and turns it into a huge success that we realize they are living the dream we could have been living had we taken the time to delve deeper at the time. Well, if you come up with a great idea, don’t be tempted to push it out of your mind. Instead, seek advice from experts such as those at InventHelp so you can be the one living the dream rather than someone else.
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Getting Assistance from InventHelp for Your Fantastic Invention Idea

If you have come up with a fantastic invention idea, the last thing you want to do is push it out of your mind or end up falling victim to intellectual property theft. This is why it is important to know the steps you should take when you come up with a fantastic idea. You need to make sure you take everything into consideration from knowing how to patent an idea through to getting your idea heard by the right people. This is where the experts at InventHelp can assist.
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Patent Company Directory

If you have new invention ideas and don't know what to do next, you should reach out to InventHelp, the nations leading authority on patents, inventions and helping inventors find success!
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The Inventor Directory

InventHelp assists inventors with bringing products to market and protecting their ideas. They will help get the invention in front of the right parties in order to increase chances of the product getting picked up.
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